Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

One of the ways of taking permanent residency‎ in Russia is investing in this country through buying the estate. If an individual migrates to Russia and lives there for five years, he/she will succeed in taking permanent residency in this country. The average price of a one-room house for living in Russia in the city center is about 627.07 dollars for each square meter (m2) that the full price will be between 35060 to 25488…

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

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Considering the price of a house for living in Moscow

As a general result, because of the total decrease in Moscow, and also because of the cost of property ownership and more problems in finding lessees who can compensate expenses by paying rent price, few numbers wealthy people feel the need to develop their real estates.

vis-à-vis, in Russia and among people who really want to improve their housing conditions, many individuals face financial restrictions and unreliability related to house price for living in Russia, that this problem is compensated to some extent through reducing the lending rate of mortgage loan in Russian banks.

Therefore, if we analyze the current condition of estate requests in Russia country, you can see that today, the share of private investors is not a lot, and generally, people who are trying to supply their initial needs want to buy the estate. Apart of this, is because of the point that the lending rate of mortgage loan has reached to the lowest possible amount during past twelve months, which is 11 to 12 percent per year. According to the aforementioned situation, foreign investors will have attractive opportunities for buying an estate in Russia.

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

It’s evident that today, a significant advantage of buying estate (by the intention of sales) in Russia, is in prices that are more reasonable than several years ago, and there are special suggestions and appropriate conditions of sales that are propounded from sellers who want to purchase their estate immediately.

From other factors, for example, the world cup 2018 can be named that significantly helped in attracting investors to two cities, Saint Peters burg and Moscow, and has changed the price of a house for living in Russia a little.   

Renting a house in Moscow

The cost of living and studying in Moscowis an issue that is very important for applicants. Its reason is that if a person is aware of charges, he can decide on his expenses and proceed to migrate with more awareness. In the following, accompany our site, and you can acquaint yourself with renting a house in Russia.

Conditions of buying a house in Moscow

Previously, a sale contract and a new title were an obligation; however, until the spring of 2013, just a new title should be registered.

Russia regulation has experienced a period of fast change based on learned points from the first revision in Russian rules; therefore, laws often change. Furthermore, laws related to the main structure of the system in 90 sales contracts for selling properties and correct transfer and title registration can significantly differ from foreign legal domains. Therefore, buyers strongly need the consultation and help of a qualified lawyer.

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

Contract of buying a house in Moscow

The following information should be mentioned in a sales contract:

• Comprehensive identification of properties through address, size, and more as provided regulations

• Price

• Payment conditions

• Transfer method (can be different based on facts and conditions of particular trade)

• Rights and commitments of parties about title registration; for example, who pays, who provides documents.

• List of individuals who have rights to live in this estate.

Financing for buying an estate in Russia 

Russian banks can issue a loan for a foreign person who wants to buy the estate and live in Russia; however, they should prove financial stability – for example, income and local employment in Russia. In addition to the sales price, the buyer should expect costs resulting from using a real estate agent with the cost of registering – about a legal institute, 1000 RUB, and about an individual, 15,000 RUB.

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

Expense and price of a house in Moscow

In past years, if you could not spend 100,000 dollars on buying the estate, its reason was that there wasn’t the possibility of taking ownership in Moscow or its other regions. Now, you can buy a unit in a modern and new-constructed building that will be significantly cheaper.

Remember that this country’s average salary and wage equals 490 dollars in a month and or 5,900 dollars in a year.

However, according to formal statistics of government and in August 2016 in the Moscow region, citizens will have more income in a month that equals 68,728 Rubles (1,044 USD).

Amount of estate price in Moscow

Alternatively, generally “apartments,” as Russians usually name them. A type of housing in this country is small apartments. Surprisingly, demand for buying estate is also felt in the direction of achieving inhabitant. Having an independent house near to the city is cost-effective for more Russians. However, many local people have tiny houses in the country that will be used for a weekend holiday.

Remember that people could hardly have one room in a several-room apartment during last years by right of using a shared kitchen (still is possible in Russia) and could scarcely buy an apartment in Moscow with cost equal to 3 million Rubles.

Investment by buying an estate in Moscow

Price of buying an apartment in Moscow

However, today, an apartment that has been built recently and is in the old region of Moscow (more primitive suburbs of the city) will cost 2.1 million Rubles (32,900 USD).

• renting room as living in the same house outside the city center, 200 $

• renting a one-room apartment outside the city center, 400 $

• renting a three-room apartment outside the city center, 900 $

• building charge and bill of water, electricity and cleaning and …, 50 $

• renting a desk from an office, 200 $

• renting a one-room office, 300$

• Nutrition for one person, 100$

• Price of one square meter of an apartment in the city center: 1.698.87 $

• Price of one square meter of an apartment in the suburb: 1.112.65 $

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